VIDEO: AHRfilms present Kit Knows “The Writings On The Wall” (Directed by Mark Valino)

Ty Harper | Music,Video | Saturday, November 5th, 2011

Directed by Mark Valino.


Kit’s Statement:
Before I got into rapping and making music, graffiti was IT for me. I was at Etobicoke School of the Arts, so as soon as soon as I hit high school, I was surrounded by a visual arts department full of graff geeks. I say geeks, because looking back, that’s pretty much what we would do. We literally used to GEEK, so hard, over different writers’ hand styles, people’s stories, or the sketches we had all just done while we were bored in class. I don’t know what it was about that time, but graffiti just seemed to be at such a high level in Toronto. I’ve talked about this with friends and we all kind of agreed. You had a lot of old vets still getting up, while this new wave of kids had started killing it on a new scale. A couple kids from AU crew (KONER and SENT2- shouts to both) were in my grade. That crew was heavily influential to everyone at school. HFB too. If any of you remember some of the ridiculous rollers they both put up, you’ll understand why…Watching the whole HSA crew piece at 416. Classic throws like REN, TRIK, JENSER…That Bathurst station wall with the freshest blue and white RONIE (shouts) and CAUSR throws…that whole Destruction Tour Canada thing EVICT did…. I could go on and on. Geeks.
After shifting through different tags over a couple of years, I settled on Knows. The moniker came from an ambush that left me with a broken nose and a new and improved outlook on life. Knows. Plus I loved the letters. Eventually, after I shifted from graff more towards music, Kit Knows became the name I worked with. Although music and film is what I spend most time on now, I discovered a lot of Toronto, and my self, through my experience with graffiti. The city is full of views, rooftops, abandoned buildings, old bridges, or just little spaces between all the hustling. That’s where graffiti lives. I can’t deal with a city that doesn’t have any of it. It feels too sterile, like no one lives there. Although Style Wars shows us the 1980′s rise of graff in NYC, let’s not forget people have been painting on walls since we were living in caves. It’s a language I need to have around me.
I wrote this piece on one of those late nights in the summer. My sister had given me a really nice writing book a year ago, and for some reason I decided I needed to leave my old one be, and start a new one. It needed to happen tonight. Something just needed to come out. I sat in the park behind Bathurst station and held a convo with a pen and a flask of Havana Club. This is what came out.

When Mark approached me to do a piece, I had already has this one in mind to convert to a visual. I think he killed it. Shouts to Gilles too. This video is only a fraction. There’s a lot of writers we didn’t get to include in the footage, a lot of stories I could still touch on, and a lot of history layered underneath those painted walls. This is just a glimpse. A view. A window to another part of my city.

Shouts to all the people I came up with. Shouts to those keeping it alive.

For more info on Kit Knows:​

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Valino’s log:
Ever since I started this raw street performance series I had always had Kit in the back on my mind to do a piece for me. He had also helped out a month earlier with a shoot I did with Zaki Ibrahim and I felt that it would be great to connect with him artisticly finally. So when I caught up with him after the “Little Dragon” show at the Hoxton on his birthday I know the time to do it was now. I like how life works like that.

He sent me the piece he was thinking of and as soon as I read it I was amped. The fact that the theme he wrote about was Graffiti and the situation with the city and graf removal was exactly what I was looking for. I’m very conscious of the graffiti scene in my city.

I love finding new pieces every year by my favourite artists in random hidden places. I even dabbled in tagging and graffiti for a while in my youth. I remember having to steal paint cans from Zellers. They were always random colors with regular caps that I produced some real crude pieces with but I loved it. Kit also writes and Giles Monette runs a mean sticker game so the crew was assembled. The shoot started off rough with us arriving at the first location only to get warnings that security was on it’s way and we would get charged for trespassing. This is all part of the game so there was nothing to worry about.

Giles had found a great billboard close to our first location that we could access easily, which would be our first shot of the day. After the somewhat rough start, everything else went smoothly. Most of the video was shot in the Queen St. alleys which I am quite familiar with and have used in many of my videos. I love going through the alleys at least once a year to check out the new pieces and make sure the big epic ones are still in tact. The Toronto mural south of queen just off of Spadina had to be in there. That piece is epic and reps alot of important artists as well at the HSA piece with the mask (Which btw I have footage from during “Style in Progress” where it was being painted by Skam and crew).

I had mentioned to Kit when we met up that I was conseptualizing an idea for the last shot,of a blank wall that we could digitally have Kit reveal a tag or piece of some sort. He really dug that idea and the night before the shoot he scouted a couple places and threw up a tag without me even knowing. I saw it on the day of the shoot and it was perfect. This was a great shoot to be able to reconnect with the writer in me and address the issue of street art.

I shot for 3.5hrs and my edit time was about 4hrs.

Produced by: Giles Monnete
Written & Performed by: Kit Knows

Check out the Timelapse of Kit Knows Shoot:​31314957

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NEW VIDEO: Notes To Self feat. Lee Gaul “Today (I Wanna)” (Directed by Matthew Bronson)

Ty Harper | Music,Video | Friday, November 4th, 2011

Directed by Matthew Bronson.

First official music/visuals off Notes To Self’s upcoming “Used To Be Dark (Recoil)”.


Produced by  Bronze One (of Notes to Self) for Course of Study &  Bookworm (of Beatface) aka Book & Bronze for Heart on Sleeve.

Additional Vocals by Lee Gaul

Edited by Gerrit Van Dyke
Shot by JR at
Additional Shots by James Donald

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INTERVIEW: Drake’s Assistant Engineer Noel Cadastre talks w/ The Come Up Show

Ty Harper | Interviews,Music | Friday, November 4th, 2011

The Come Up Show’s Geoffrey Granka drops a dope interview with Drake’s assistant engineer Noel Cadastre.

Noel Cadastre gets happier the harder he works. He crossed paths with Aubrey Graham and Noah Shebib while working at a recording studio in Mississauga. He was the only one willing to work an awkwardly scheduled late shift. Nobody who knew Noel would be surprised he was willing to work a last minute shift. Just as nobody can be all that surprised that he was then asked to go on the road with Drake and 40 to help finish what would become Thank Me Later. A couple million international sales later, he’s very happy these days.

Noel sat down with The Come Up Show to geek about studio gear, the upcoming Take Care, and offer insight to working with one of the biggest artists of the decade so far.

TCUS: How did it work out that you would start working with 40 outside of Metalworks Studios? What records have you been involved in since?

NC: Well the short form is: When Drake was recording Thank Me Later they were running out of time because his tour dates were starting. They still had four unfinished songs, two days before our last session before the tour… they asked me if I would go out on tour for two weeks to help 40 finish the album. Obviously I [agreed], took two weeks vacation from Metalworks and went.

Noel’s two weeks became three and his vacation became permanent after being invited on board by 40.

TCUS: What takes up most of your working hours?‬

NC: Assisting in the studio for recording and production, working with the label, management and the rest of the team to facilitate the recording process when we’re on the road. I am considered first and foremost to be Noah Shebib’s assistant. He is really who I work for. In his absence I am Drake’s recording engineer. We are the only two people who record his music‬.

Noel would go on to assist with most of Thank Me Later, Lil Wayne’s “I’m Not a Human Being”, Rihanna’s “What’s My Name”, Alicia Keys “Unthinkable (Remix”, Jamie Foxx’s “Fall for Your Type”, Rick Ross “Made Men”, Chris Brown’s “Deuces (Remix)”. I’ve been in the studio with Lenny Kravitz, Florence from Florence and the Machine, Rihanna and the list goes on.

TCUS: Not a bad year, eh?

NC: It has been pretty good so far.

TCUS: A lot of people are interested in or get involved in the music because of the perceived enjoyability of the entertainment business. What got you into music and why did you keep at it? Is it still fun?

NC: I got into the music because of music. Nothing more, nothing less. I love music end of story. [There is] no other motivation, it will always be fun as long as I love music. I believe everything else is as a result of that love and passion; everything else comes after the love‬.

TCUS: Do you ever have to remind yourself how awesome your job is when it gets tricky? ProTools crashes and deadlines… etc.

NC: Never. I’m a strange person. I thrive on being challenged, I shine in what some people consider the worst situations I love fixing shit that seems unfixable!

TCUS: Do you consider yourself as part of the production team?  Are you technical or creative or both?‬

NC: I consider myself apart of the team period. I’m definitely tech support more so than anything else but it goes beyond that. To make music the way 40 and Drake make music, everything comes into play.

TCUS: How do you mean?

NC: [Everything] from the temperature in the room, to who’s in the room. In some ways I just assume the responsibility of being the assistant facilitator/protector of their creative process and that’s just something I try to do but was never asked. I try to pay attention to the things that they both enjoy in the studio and just make sure that no matter what city we’re in I can provide them with a similar creative environment that we enjoy at home in Toronto.

Catch the rest HERE!

EVENT: Dropping Knowledge presents Action Bronson w/ The Get By & Tre Leji (Tonight @ The Rivoli)

Ty Harper | Events,Music | Friday, November 4th, 2011

“Droppin’ Knowledge” continues its spotlight on come-up artists – this time bringing BK’s Action Bronson to rock The Rivoli stage (332 Queen St. West) with The Get By and Tre Leji.

Get tickets HERE!

The Get By’s latest album is available now on iTunes.

Get a taste of Tre Leji HERE!

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VIDEO: Saukrates x Redman (Interviews w Hiphop Homage) + “Money Or Love”, “Drop It Down”, “Da Rockwilder” + more (Live)

Ty Harper | Interviews,Music,Video | Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

Hip Hop Homage catches up with  Saukrates and Redman rocking out at Club 77 in Hamilton.

Footage continues after the jump!


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NEW MUSIC: Devon Tracy “Everything I Am” (Freestyle)

Ty Harper | Album,Audio,Mixtape,Music | Thursday, November 3rd, 2011




DOWNLOAD: Devon Tracy – YYZ To LAX

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NEW VIDEO: Bizzy B “Dark Thoughts” + “Charge It To The Game” (Directed by Face Films)

Ty Harper | Music,Video | Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

Directed by Face Films.

Promising, introspection from come-up artist Bizzy B. Not alot of info on this kid – I just happened on this one while looking through Face Films’ youtube channel.

VIDEO: Big Lean & R.O.Z (Interview w/ Royalty Radio)

Ty Harper | Album,Audio,Interviews,Mixtape,Music,Video | Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

Royalty Radio chops it up with Big LeanR.O.Z. about life, beats, raps and more.

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NEW VIDEO: Jason Packs feat. ProteJaye & Snipes “Murder Season” (Directed by Face Films)

Ty Harper | Music,Video | Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

Directed by Face Films.


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VIDEO: Keys N Krates “Fall Tour 2011″ (Promo) (Directed by Rad Films)

Ty Harper | Music,Video | Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

Directed by Rad Films.

Nice little viral joint for Keys N Krates, who’ll be rocking a crowd near you soon!

The song “Ring The Alarm” is off their upcoming “Blackout” EP out November 7th!

For Tour dates check:

For free music:

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