NEW VIDEO: A-Game – Boarding Pass (Directed by Big Chase)

rez | Video | Monday, November 4th, 2013

Official viz from that Boarding Pass.

A-Game – Boarding Pass Prod By Chef off the Boarding Pass Mixtape
® 2013 Pilotmodemuzik & 212 Degrees Group LLC

Directed by: Big Chase
Creative Direction: Karats The Trendsetter…


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NEW MUSIC: Sean Leon “Maui Slim Forever” (Prod. J’vell Boyce)

Ty Harper | Audio,Music | Monday, November 4th, 2013

sean leon - maui slim forever 1

Newness from Sean Leon.

Sean Leon liberates MAUI SLIM FOREVER a song powered by the IXXI performed by Sean Leon and produced by J’vell Boyce of the IXXI for the IXXI. MAUI SLIM FOREVER is Sean’s first musical offering since the release of his critically acclaimed mixtape, Ninelevenne, the Tragedy available for stream here. His next project, Sean Leon, Canadian Psycho is expected to be released late 2013.

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NEW VIDEO: Zoo Babies – Nada (Directed by Digitology)

rez | Video | Sunday, November 3rd, 2013

New viz from Zoo Babies‘ debut self-titled album. Wanna catch up with these dudes? I’d start here.

** Download the free Self Titled EP **


Production: KinG!

Engineering: J Statik


Official Zoo Babies:



FEATURE: Freedom Writers w/ CBC’s Big City Small World

rez | Interviews | Sunday, November 3rd, 2013


I know you’re not sleeping, right? Copp “Now” now.


NEW MUSIC: Gigz – GIGABYTE SOUND Volume 1 (Instrumental EP)

rez | Music | Sunday, November 3rd, 2013


Haven’t heard from producer Gigz in a minute but nice to see the push for his new project GIGABYTE SOUND Volume 1.

GIGABYTE SOUND is a concept that came about in 2010 but never got the dedicated focus until a few months ago (mid 2013). When my Roland MV-8000 was off in the repair shop I discovered new work flows using software and experimenting with my bass guitars played through BOSS effects pedals. This brought my music to a new dimension. “This is the sound, the GIGABYTE SOUND!”


released 30 October 2013
All tracks produced and mixed by GIGZ at GIT UP STUDIO, Toronto.


rez | Interviews | Saturday, November 2nd, 2013


Speaking of choperation…

A native of London, Ont., rap artist Shad memorably beat out official Toronto Raptors global ambassador Drake for the Best Rap Recording Juno in 2011. He’s a competitive guy, and he loves sports. chopped it up with one of Canada’s greatest MCs about Mario Lemieux’s cancer-crushing superpowers, his preference for CIS hoops, and why—if he were the ambassador of Canada’s NBA team—he’d encourage the Huskies to tank for Andrew Wiggins.

Sporstnet: You mostly live in Vancouver now. How would you describe your relationship with the Canucks?

Shad: Because I don’t like the Canucks, I don’t follow them that much. I feel like [moving to Vancouver] was my real opportunity to get immersed in it, especially when they went to the [2011] Stanley Cup final, but I was like, “Oh, these guys… no heart.”

Now that you’re spending more time recording in Toronto are the Maple Leafs slowly becoming your team?

That was an epic collapse last year, I’m not going to lie. That felt fated in a really sad way. I like underdogs. I was in Vancouver during the playoffs, just following the score, and was like, “Wow, they’re going to do it!” And then it was like, “Wow, that was epic.”

So, who’s your NHL team?

When I was a kid, I was a Penguins fan; I was a huge Mario Lemieux fan. So I still retain a little love for the Penguins. Lemieux, to me, was the most epic dude. Going to chemo and coming back, how are you that much better than everybody? How are you that much better than everybody?! Here’s some guy in the physical prime of his life, and you just underwent radiation and you’re better than him? I don’t know how that feels. But I don’t have strong allegiances as far as NHL teams go.

What sports did you play growing up?

Basketball. I still play a lot. In Vancouver, I’ve really got back into playing, so I’m tapped in to all of these pickup games. I know where there’s a game Tuesday night or Wednesday night. These are mostly in gyms. You can get a nice outdoor game at Kits Beach. Two full courts on a beautiful beach. I think Steve Nash paid for those.



Interview: Freedom Writers w/

rez | Interviews | Saturday, November 2nd, 2013


Exclaim with some healthy choperation with the Freedom Writers fam. Copp “Now” now damnit.

By Luke Fox
Something decidedly un-screwface has happened in Toronto.

Six individual solo artists have put egos aside and let ideas take centre stage for the better of the whole, establishing a super collective of sword-sharp wordsmiths. The Freedom Writers’ beats are thick, their concepts are varied and their standards are high.

Now is more than solid, intricate rap record; it’s a statement about community and talent and ideas. “When we formed this, we could’ve picked anybody from the whole city. I don’t think anybody would’ve said no,” says producer Big Sproxx, who provides a varied palette for five MCs (plus guests) to spill their thoughts and stories and punch lines.

Theo 3, Tona, Adam Bomb, Frankie Payne and Progress — all regarded solo rappers, each with their own strengths — sit in an empty room on the ground floor of a west side apartment building and discuss their collaboration, taking a break from rehearsing their new songs. They talk about process and late-night eating and, most importantly, truth. Which is what they’re searching for with open ears.

As Frankie says, “The truth can come from an activist or an asshole.”

With so many different voices and opinions, how did you make the LP sound so cohesive?
Progress: Because everyone gives their raw opinion, what makes it cohesive is the honesty. Politically speaking, people don’t think wildly different on this team. There are differences in opinion, but we’re close enough that if everyone’s just honest, it’ll sound cohesive. We didn’t have to put energy into making the album conceptually cohesive; it just happened.

Do you write solo or together?
Theo 3: At least four of five songs were written right on the spot.

Tona: We’re all in different sections of the city. It’s rare that when we had sessions, certain individuals didn’t show up. When we were all together, we made sure we used that time to create music.

Adam Bomb: If somebody has [a concept] going, it’s easy for the rest of the team to bounce off what’s already there. We don’t take a record and say, “OK, everybody go home and write about this.” Whoever’s on the spot, if you have something, cool. If you don’t have something, we’ll just stick with what we got.

Tona: And if somebody couldn’t make it that day? You weren’t on the record.

Big Sproxx: I’d say half the songs, it was just me and Tona. The first song we did, no one else was there. He had a hook already done for his solo thing, but then he thought it would better suit what we were doing. So he was the first to lay [down his vocals], then other guys would come in sporadically on different days and fill theirs in. So some songs did get built in a staggered way, but it still has the cohesiveness you’re talking about.

Frankie Payne: We all have a silent agreement to keep things as natural as possible. It all comes down to timing and circumstances. Even with “Soldier,” I had an idea for a hook, and then man after man came and jumped on it and started adding their ideas. There is no forced creativity; it’s all organic.

Adam Bomb: That’s the best thing about the team. There’s no script, there’s no demand; it’s just six ideas in a room, and we come up with whatever we come up with.

Theo: No one takes offence to their idea being shot down. Before you came, we were rehearsing for the show. If someone said, “Lets try this…,” [another might say] “No. Shut the fuck up. That’s horrible.” And that’s OK. He’ll fall back.

Frankie Payne: There is no filter.

Adam Bomb: There are a lot of records on there where it’s like, “Who’s going to do this song the most justice? Let’s let them do their thing.” To be able to add to a record is cool, but it’s also good to back off a record.



NEW MUSIC: ELMNT “Tesla’s Son” (Prod. Cam)

Ty Harper | Audio,Music | Friday, November 1st, 2013


From Ele:

Last night was the first game of the season for the Toronto Raptors, ELMNT promised he would drop a new track if they came away with the W. He kept his promise and decided to drop yet another single off of the upcoming project titled Stara-Nova. The track “Tesla’s Son” further examines the respect ELMNT has for the late innovative genius as he flows over some very dope production by Cam. Thank you for being extra patient while waiting for Stara-Nova, we can not wait for the world to hear the final product.
Twitter: @talktoelmnt
Soundclound: Elmntmusic
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NEW MUSIC: k-Os “wiLD4TheNight (EgoLand)” (Prod. Donald ‘hAZEL’ Sales)

Ty Harper | Audio,Music | Thursday, October 31st, 2013

New sonics from k-Os, fresh off the presses!

Produced by hAZEL.


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NEW MUSIC: Shi Wisdom “Monster” (Prod. Burd x Keyz)

Ty Harper | Audio,Music | Thursday, October 31st, 2013


New hauntingly beautiful Shi over a Burd X Keyz riddim, just in time for your Halloween. Boo.

Performed by Shi Wisdom & Nevon Lyriq

Written by Shi Wisdom

Produced by Burd x Keyz

Mix/Mastered by Sir KR Moore

Recorded at SandBox Studios

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